Koh samui

The island is due to limited hotel capacity one of the last oases of pristine tropical nature in Southeast Asia.

The inland is covered with forested mountain peaks, the coast is lined with unique beaches with beautiful tropical scenery of palm groves.

Clear water, long beaches with fine sand, and entertainment in the garden restaurants and bars promise an unforgettable experience.

Life on Koh Samui is especially suitable for those interested in a quiet life in the undisturbed environment of a tropical island under coconut palms.

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Basic facts

  • "Koh" is translated as "island" in Thai
  • Island name in Thai: เกาะสมุย
  • Area of the island: 228.7 km²
  • Position: the Gulf of Thailand
  • GPS coordinates: 9°30′N 100°00′E
  • Province: Suratthani
  • Distance from Bangkok: ≈ 700 km
  • Flight time from Bangkok: ≈ 1.5 hours
  • Travel time by boat from the mainland (Donsak): ≈ 1.5 hours
  • Population: ≈ 64,000 (official)
  • Religion: mostly Buddhist, Christian (foreigners), Muslim (mainly Hua Thanon area)
  • Capital:Nathon
  • Most popular beaches: Chaweng, Lamai, Mae Nam
  • Highest point: 635 m
  • Time shift: summer time +5, winter time + 6 hours
  • Dialcode: +66

Administrative subdivision

  • อ่างทอง(Ang Thong) 6 villages
  • ลิปะน้อย(Lipa Noi) 5 villages
  • ตลิ่งงาม(Taling Ngam) 5 villages
  • หน้าเมือง(Na Mueang) 5 villages
  • มะเร็ต(Maret) 6 villages
  • บ่อผุด(Bo Phut) 6 villages
  • แม่น้ำ(Mae Nam) 6 villages

Nearest islands

  • Koh Taen
  • Koh Mudsum
  • Koh Som
  • Koh Matlang


  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Thai International Hospital
  • Bandon Hospital
  • Koh Samui Hospital
  • Samui International Hospital


The island was first settled about 1500 years ago by Malay and Chinese traders. It appears on Chinese maps in 1687. Until the late 1920s, the inhabitants were self-sufficient with little contact with the mainland. The main sources of livelihood were fishing and coconut farming. Today it is mainly tourism. In the 1970s the first tourists began to discover the island, but it was not until the construction of the airport by the private Bangkok Airways (which still owns it today) in 1989 that there was a significant increase in the number of tourists











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Koh Samui is administratively divided into 7 districts. Nathon is the main administrative centre, where most institutions are located and the main port is located. Tourists are mainly interested in the following parts.

The most visited beaches are Lamai and Chaweng and Bo Phut (Fisherman's village) are also centres of entertainment, nightlife and shopping.

For those who are looking for more tranquility but want to be close to civilization, i.e. restaurants and shops where they can get everything they need, the beaches of Mae Nam, Ban Tai, Lipa Noi and small beaches in the Choeng Mon area are a good choice.

Koh Samui also offers places completely hidden, such beaches include all the small beaches in the south, southeast and southwest of the island. I would name for example the area of Thong Krut, Laem Sor and Phang-Ka. In these places you can find real relaxation in the form of secluded beaches, accommodation with spectacular sunset views, but also real local life. These areas of Koh Samui are now as Chaweng or Lamai used to be 20 years ago. The downside of these places is the low water levels between April and September and the fact that you are somewhat cut off and have to commute most of the time for shopping and food, but the distances are not great and it is no problem on a scooter or in a jeep.

A separate chapter are the places in the hills, which rise practically throughout the entire central part of the island. Even in these areas you can find very beautiful places with amazing views of the island and the sea. At altitudes of around 600m above sea level (beware, on Koh Samui you go steeply up, practically from 0m above sea level) the climate is a bit more pleasant, the temperatures a bit lower, the wind pleasant and also thanks to the rainforest, which is still preserved in many places, you feel that you can breathe better than down on the beach.

Places you can't miss

Big Buddha

Temple of the Great Golden Buddha in the north of the island

Wat Plai Laem

Temple of three religions near the great Buddha

Wat Khunaram

Temple of the mummified monk

Wat Laem Sor

Temple on the south of the island
on the beach

Wat Khao Chedi

A magical resting place for monks above Laem Sor beach

Khao Hua Jook

Golden pagoda towering over Chaweng - amazing view

Guan Yu

Majestic statue of the Chinese god of war in Hua Thanon

Hin Ta Hin Yai

Phallic rock cliffs in the shape of nature

Namuang 1 & 2

Koh Samui's most famous waterfalls, elephant rides

Paradise Park

Popular with children and adults alike at the highest point of koh samui


The highest built temple, 360 degree view around the island

Garden Ta Nim

Countless statues built in the jungle by a hermit

Koh Samui beaches

Chaweng Beach

The island's most famous beach with lots of attractions and restaurants

Silver Beach

A picturesque beach near Lamai hidden among the rocks

Taling Ngam I beach

A beach undiscovered by the masses with beautiful sunsets

Ban Tai beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is worth an afternoon

Lipa Noi beach

Quiet beach suitable for swimming even during the monsoon

Koh samui

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