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We are a real estate agency consisting of a team of professionals who will help you find your dream home on Koh Samui. We are here to assist you in buying a property and guide you through the entire process from A to Z.

We can also help with the construction, securing legal requirements, equipping the property and subsequent technical administration and marketing.

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Jakub Safranek

My name is Jakub and I have been operating in Samui for 10 years. From travel services to holiday home management, I have worked my way up to real estate during this time.

I am fluent in English, Thai and Russian. I graduated from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic with a Master's degree in Security and Legal Studies. I have never worked for the Police, professionally I took the path of the private security services industry, from which I took the long step back to the island after several years in management positions.

Together with our team I offer a comprehensive service for those interested in real estate and investment in Thailand. Thanks to my knowledge of the Thai language, local laws and conditions, as well as the specifics of the market, I can safely say that I can lend a helping hand and provide informed information. Having been involved in property management on the island for 10 years, I have an in-depth knowledge of the technology and technical procedures common here. As a result, I am able to offer services not only in locating interesting properties, but also in construction and the aforementioned technical management.

I guarantee that what we agree on is what counts. I'm happy when common sense is used and people are respectful and fair to each other. I believe in karma and my actions are consistent with that.


My name is Barbora and I have been living in Samui for two years.

This island became home to me during that time. As a female element, I bring a sense of sensitivity, responsiveness and understanding of our clients' vision to our team.

This brings us satisfied clients who feel pampered and their idea of living is always fulfilled to the last detail.

The aftercare of the tenants or guests, i.e. your future clients, and the handling of their requirements during their stay is also important to me.


My name is Bew and I have been working with Jakub and Bára for several years.

I am responsible for the flawless running of the company administratively and operationally.

I ensure that the services we provide are of the standard and quality that our customers pay for.

I also conduct market research and communication with Thai authorities and landowners.

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